How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Pre-Hire Assessments

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HireVue welcomes its very own Dr. Nathan Mondragon, Chief I/O Psychologist, to lead this webinar.

The science behind pre-hire assessments is designed to help recruiters identify candidates that are likely to perform best in their organizations. But this powerful screening tool has a downside: from the candidate’s perspective, the experience is often terrible. 

In this webinar, Dr. Nathan Mondragon will explore:

  • How video and artificial intelligence are transforming pre-hire assessments into a candidate-friendly experience.
  • How organizations are keeping more of the best candidates in their talent pipeline and enhancing employer brand.
  • How assessments can be used to consider more candidates and increase diversity, while significantly reducing time spent on screening.

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Chief I/O Psychologist, HireVue

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