3X Savings by Eliminating Assessment
3X Savings by
Eliminating Assessment
Conversion Rates Slashed
Conversion Rates Improved
Appealing to Coveted Graduates with Innovation
Appealing to Coveted Graduates with Innovation
Global Candidate  Experience
Global Candidate
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Customer Facing Roles Require More Candidate Insight

Ali Ross-Grant, Senior Resourcing Manager, explained why traditional ways of bringing in talent couldn’t meet their needs.

“Our retail positions are customer facing roles and it’s essential to be able to gauge their excitement and behavior,” said Ross-Grant. “With typical applications and phone screenings, you have no ability to see how they’ll be interacting with customers.”

“We also took too much time and interviewed too many candidates before making a hire,” she continued. “It could take up to a week to get hold of candidates by phone, if they weren’t then a match for us or we weren’t for them, it was a lengthy process for us all to realise that.”

Ali Ross-Grant, Senior Resourcing Manager, Vodafone

Team Acceleration Empowers Vodafone to Build their Retail Teams 52% Faster

Before HireVue — 23 Days

Before HireVue — 23 Days

After HireVue — 11 Days

After HireVue — 11 Days

“When we implemented HireVue, our target was to get our time to hire from 23 days down to 18. We were thrilled to see it exceeded our expectations and dropped to only 11 days,” — ALI ROSS-GRANT, Senior Resourcing Manager, Vodafone

Formal Assessments
Become Obsolete

Vodafone’s team realized the value and insight gained through On Demand Interviews made their formal assessment testing obsolete.

“using scenario based questions in Hirevue we realised very quickly we had far more insight in to individuals characteristics e.g. self confidence, passion and animation which enabled us to make more informed decisions. We’ve been able to cut out our assessment provider entirely for retail roles.”

They were equally impressed at the speed in which On Demand interviews were being completed, reviewed and rated.

“What took up to a week is now getting done in several hours. The hiring teams think the convenience is simply brilliant,” Ross-Grant said.

Conversion Rates Doubled with Video Introductions

Ross-Grant and her team had previous challenges with their final interview to hire conversion rates which averaged 4:1.

“Once we moved to HireVue, we found our conversion rates improved. Now for every 2.5 candidates we send in for a final Assessment Centre group event, one gets hired, further validating our time and efforts.”

Before HireVue — 23 Days

Before HireVue 4:1

After HireVue 2.5:1

“Between eliminating our assessment provider for retail roles as well as saving on staff due to the efficiencies of the system, we’ve been able to triple our cost savings.”

Vodafone Appeals to Graduates with Technology & Localisation

Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Resourcing at Vodafone recognized the challenge of identifying the best graduate talent among a large pool of candidates.

“We are one of the biggest employers of youth, from apprentice schemes, to internships, work experience and graduate programs. Over 700 University graduates join our Discover program - a 2 year global rotational scheme, a pipeline for future leaders. With over 70.000 applications, the challenge is to identify the 1% who will thrive at Vodafone.

Top graduates are in demand, with research showing that the best get in average 2.5 offers even before they are in the market.

“The new generation of graduates have lots of choices and

“cool” brands, like start ups, are high on their target list. We felt we needed to reflect our digital DNA into the recruitment process for us to be able to play in this space and win their hearts and minds.”

“We were not drinking our own champagne” jokes Schveninger. “as a global leader in IoT and delivering digital experiences to our customers, our candidate experience didn’t live up. the multi-step process was too long and we also felt that there was no consistency in the standards we assess against on a global basis. We decided to build on the UK retail experience with HireVue and worked with them to design a new end to end grads experience, embedding psychometric assessments into the video interview platform for a unified, world class candidate experience. The result is a simple, 3 step process: apply - assess with HireVue Digital Assessments and then meet face to face in a paperless assessment centre. Drop out rates reduced by 30% and candidates love the simple and engaging tool, reducing the stress of the “old school” on line assessments.

Branded Experience with Global Variety

With a global presence, Vodafone found it crucial to be respectful of local customs. They embrace their company mantra ‘One Company, Local Roots’ in their candidate experience, with market specific branded themes across markets including Turkey, India, New Zealand and Australia. Not only is each and every candidate greeted by the company’s CEO, they’re also welcomed by local employees, and

pre-recorded video questions, giving candidates a truly unique, interactive and localised experience.

“The technology we use to connect with candidates needs to be able to travel internationally very well,” she stated. “By offering multiple themes based on geography, it feels very personal and engaging and we are proud of the experience we’re offering our candidates.”

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